The Portrait Price List
and Commission Information
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Portraits are treasures that last a life time and are handed down from generation to generation. You may
wish to commission a portrait of yourself, a loved one, family member, friend or business associate.     
To commission a portrait, determine what you want to view in your 'subject'; for example
head and shoulder or a  full figure, then view the price accordingly.
Also choose the medium you prefer: oil, pastel, or charcoal.
The size of the canvas is determined by the subject matter. For example, a head and shoulder can be
16" x 20"  or  20' x 24".
Consultation with the artist is necessary, as all portraits are 'specialized'.
Some portraits in the Gallery are for sale. Refer to the price range below.

One Head/Shoulder
Two Heads/Shoulder
Three Heads/Shoulder
One Person 3/4 figure
Two People 3/4 figure
Three People 3/4 figure
One Person Full Figure

$2000 to 2500
$2600 to 3300
$3500 to 4000
$2600 to 3200
$3600 to 4200
$4500 to 5300
$4000 to 5000
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